You are Chris Wong.

by gaSnake

You are Chris Wong. You are writing a letter to divorce your wife, Muse. In your letter, tell her though it is a difficult decision, with some strong reasons you have to end the relationship. You may also suggest how she can continue her days happily in the future. Write not less than 300 words and sign your letter Chris.
My Dearest M

I am writing the letter to divorce from you, your love and the memories. And in order to separate oneself from a matter, one must first fully identify it.
It was Friday. I was wandering on the winter playground, proofreading the winning writings nailed on the wall. There I found a pale piece of sheet flapping in the wind, on it written a Chinese argumentation about secondary students dating. How stubbornly it cited 6 lines of lyrics, just to prove that love could be interesting. I had at least 3 ways to beat the girl’s debate, but I didn’t want to deny my favourite song. From the way she carved the lyrics into the grids, I could tell she loves the song no less than me. My body shivered in the wind, not because of coldness but warmth. My lips repeated her name 3 times before my steps moved away.
Every one in the class thought we were made to be together, we as well.  Mr. Chow always applauded your talent for Chinese in the class. He described your words so delicate that they might shatter the next moment, yet so gentle that they are irresistible; your calligraphy brought back the deepest sigh from the ancient poets. Still you said the best ones were reserved for me and I shall find them resting quietly in my locker. They asked if your magic came from your unique purple-capped blue pen. Only I and the hundreds of blue caps in the glass jar know the answer.
Those were the days when we could tease about ‘technology nowadays driving people apart’, which today came true to us.
We are always busy after marriage. Somehow I believe we are bond together by words. Our talent for language shall deliver even the most fragile and trivial messages no matter they are thru papers or electro signals. And it did perfectly, pathetically. Sometimes I don’t see the intimacy in between reading our letters. They sincerely have a different perspective from one another and yet share the same respect and show allowance to the most diverse ideas. What could describe them better than two competent scholars? Once in a while I am awake and see myself settled in a ridiculous relationship, and I know you would agree to smash this terrible harmony, even if you don’t.
I love you. I love you because you are so not me. But I hate me, I hate I love you so.
Yours sincerely
Chris Wong